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Pemimpin Pendidikan Dalam kajian kepemimpinan kepala sekolah/Madrasah

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  • Pemimpin Pendidikan Dalam kajian kepemimpinan kepala sekolah/Madrasah
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  • In any event, choose a principal who has the ability as a leader of education received less attention by the public. Formal requirements such as class rank, tenure is often a major consideration, even worse particular interests away from the element of professionalism it is often the driver makes a person to hold a position that is responsible for the function of an educational leader. As a result, the community itself has always been a victim, because of the desire to get a quality education services are not available. In the paper presented the study of the various opinions of the observer implementation of quality education, the basic theories are applied in educational leadership principals, as the contribution that can be input to the parties who care about education, as well as the makers and implementers of education in schools in determining and making school leadership with competence as an educational leader. Expectations were not excessive, since in practice the provision of education there are still many people who feel they lack a good education service. Keywords: Leader, Leadership, Principals.
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